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Wade Menendez is the pioneer behind the man weave. He is a 35-year-old barber who has created a 90-minute technique to replace hair for black men. Best of all, the technique is a non-surgical technique. its called a hair unit, men weave or man weave unit.

Man Weave Method

His method involves gluing synthetic hair and natural hair pieces to the scalp. After that, he slips them. Then he fades the pieces into the natural hair, if there is any remaining.

Some might think this method is messy. Others might describe it as uncomfortable. However, the results are nothing short of impressive.

Menedez said he wants to help people build confidence. He continued to tell a local news outlet that he wants to even help people make a little bit of cash. He went onto say that he wants to do what he can for people and he feels like he is operating with a purpose.

Hair Unit Services

Menedez is the owner of the barbershop The W Hair Loft, which is located in Glen Burnie, Maryland. So far, he has taught over 400 stylists throughout the last four years the men weave technique. These stylists now know how to perform his technique.

men weaves

The Man weave barber said that people in all cities suffer with balding and thinning hair. He pointed this out to prove there is a market for hair replacement. In fact, black hair product consumers makeup a very large percentage of sales in the USA’s beauty industry.

The black hair industry

The beauty industry is worth well over $2.1 billion. Generally speaking, it is worth much more because many things are excluded from various research. This includes wigs, hair accessories and various styling products. This is because a lot of products are imported from other countries.

US businesses are not doing what they can to maximize their profits. This has has led to Menendez making a lot of cash. In fact, he charges between around $700 and $2,000 for the man weave services. Last year alone, he earned over $350,000.

The barber said many consumers are willing to pay for products that look natural. He said many customers are happy with something that looks and operates like a regular toupee. However, his customers want something a bit better and more natural than traditional wigs and toupees.